High-quality landscape materials for landscaping companies in the Carolinas, Maryland, and Virginia

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Arbor Fields has proudly served landscaping companies in the the Carolinas, Maryland, and Virginia since 1988. We are dedicated to providing great quality, finished landscape materials with exceptional customer service!

Our Products

B&B Material

Find locally grown, finished B&B (balled and burlapped) trees and shrubs ready for transport today.

Large Container Material

Easily transport our excellent container grown trees and shrubs that you need for your landscaping job today!


Tara and the team deliver great trees and great service, helping us to deliver a great finished product to our clients.

Nate Negrin

Quercus phellos
Willow Oak

Acer Rubrum
Sun Valley Tree

Quercus Nuttallii
Nuttall Oak

Cercis Canadensis
Eastern Redbud

Acer Buergerianum
Trident Maple

Prunus Serrulata
Kwanzan Cherry

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