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Looking for large container landscape material for your landscaping job? Arbor Fields supplies a large inventory of high-quality, container grown landscape materials for landscaping companies all year round!

Acer Rubrum
Sun Valley Tree

Quercus Nuttallii
Nuttall Oak

Cercis Canadensis
Eastern Redbud

Acer Buergerianum
Trident Maple

Prunus Serrulata
Kwanzan Cherry

Full Large Container Material Product List

These are the products we are capable of carrying. We do not always have these available. Click here to view our available field grown products.

Botanical NameCommon NamePot Sizes
Acer buergerianumTrident Maple30g/2-2.25", 30g/2.5-2.75"
Acer palmatumEmperor I Japanese Maple30g/7-8'
Acer palmatumSango Kaku Japanese Maple45g
Acer rubrumBrandywine30g
Acer rubrumSun Valley40g
Acer saccharumLegacy Sugar Maple25g
Betula nigraDura-Heat River Birch30g
Carpinus betulusFastigiata European Hornbeam30g
Carpinus carolinianaAmerican Hornbeam30g
Cercis canadensisEastern Redbud40g
Cercis canadensisForest Pansy30g
Cercis canadensisHearts of Gold30g
Cercis xMerlot30g
Chionanthus virginicusAmerican Fringetree30g
IlexNellie R Stevens Holly40g
IlexOakland™ Red Holly40g
IlexRobin™ Red Holly40g
Juniperus ChinensisBlue Point Juniper30g
Juniperus ChinensisSpartan Juniper30g
Juniperus VirginianaTaylor25g
LagerstroemiaAutauga Crapemyrtle25g Multi Stem
40g Multi Stem
LagerstroemiaMs Francis Crape Myrtle25g Multi Stem
LagerstroemiaMuskogee Crapemyrtle25g Multi Stem
LagerstroemiaNatchez Crape Myrtle40g Multi Stem
LagerstroemiaTuscarora Crapemyrtle40g Multi Stem
Liquidambar styracifluaSlender Silhouette25g
Liriodendron tulipiferaTulip Poplar25g
Osmanthus fortuneiFortune's Osmanthus30g
PrunusKrauter Vesuvius40g
PrunusOkame Cherry25g
Prunus serrulataKwanzan Cherry40g
Prunus yedoensisYoshino Cherry30g
QuercusNuttall Oak30g/2.5"
QuercusNuttall Oak45g/2.75"
QuercusOvercup Oak1.75-2" 30g
QuercusWillow Oak30g/2.5"
Taxodium distichumBald Cypress30g
Thuja xGreen Giant Arborvitae30g
Thuja xGreen Giant Arborvitae40g
Thuja xGreen Giant Arborvitae50g
Ulmus parvifoliaChinese Elm30g
Zelkova serrataGreen Vase Zelkova30g/2-2.25", 30g/2.75-3"
Zelkova serrataMusashino Zelkova40g/1.75-2"

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