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Wholesale B&B Material

Arbor Fields has been providing B&B material to landscape companies for over 30 years! Our B&B (ball and burlap) or field grown material is grown to a mature level ready to finish off any landscape project.

Acer Rubrum
Sun Valley Tree

Prunus Serrulata
Kwanzan Cherry

Quercus Nuttallii
Nuttall Oak

Acer Buergerianum
Trident Maple

Cercis Canadensis
Eastern Redbud

Full B&B Material Product List

These are the products we are capable of carrying. We do not always have these available. Click here to view our available field grown products.

Botanical NameCommon NamePot Sizes
CAMELLIA SASANQUAAlabama Beauty6', 7', 8', 9'
CAMELLIA SASANQUAKanjiro6', 7', 8', 9'
CARPINUS BETULUSFastigiata European Hornbeam2-2.25"
CERCIS CHINENSISAvondale Redbud - ClumpFall 2021
CRYPTOMERIA JAPONICAYoshino8', 9', 10', 12'
ILEX (Holly)Acadiana™7', 8'
ILEX (Holly)Dr. Kassab5', 6', 7'
ILEX (Holly)Emily Bruner6', 7', 8'
ILEX (Holly)Fine Line5', 6', 7'
ILEX (Holly)Nellie R Stevens7', 8', 10'
ILEX (Holly)Oakland™7', 8'
ILEX (Holly)Robin7', 8'
LAGERSTROEMIA INDICACatawba B&B5-6', 6-7', 7-8', 8-10'
LAGERSTROEMIA INDICAMuskogee Crape Myrtle8-10', 10-12', 12-14'
LAGERSTROEMIA INDICANatchez Crapemyrtle8-10', 10-12'
LAGERSTROEMIA INDICARed Rocket Crapemyrtle5-6', 6-7', 7-8'
LAGERSTROEMIA INDICASarah's Favorite Crapemyrtle8-10', 10-12', 12-14', 14-16'
LAGERSTROEMIA INDICATuscarora Crapemyrtle6-7', 7-8'
LIGUSTRUM RECURVIFOLIUMRecurvifolium Ligustrum4-5'
MAGNOLIA GRANDIFLORABracken’s Brown Beauty8'
OSMANTHUS FORTUNEIFortune’s Osmanthus6', 7', 8'
OSMANTHUS FRAGRANSFragrant Tea Olive6', 7'
QUERCUSNuttall Oak2.5-2.75" 3-3.25" 3.5-3.75" 4-4.25'' 4.5"+
QUERCUSWillow Oak2.5-2.75" 3-3.25" 3.5-3.75"
THUJA XGreen Giant Arborvitae8', 10', 12'

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